About Erik Sellfors

Erik is the Broker-Owner of RE/MAX Coast and Valley which serves the Southern California counties of Ventura and Los Angeles. He has 35 years of experience selling homes and has been selling REO for 28 of those.  He’s responsible for running the REO team and has extensive experience in foreclosure, eviction, occupant outreach, cash for keys, evaluations, and retail style marketing for REO properties.

Erik grew up flipping homes and owning rentals with his parents. That led to a passion for buying and selling his own homes. In 1986, at age 19, he joined Merrill Lynch Realty then spent the next three years selling apartment buildings for Marcus and Millichap.

In the early 90’s he began selling REO which became his focus.  In 2008 he opened his own RE/MAX franchise. Erik’s clientele have included nearly every major lender including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Chase. He also feels privileged to be a direct Fannie Mae agent.  Now that NPL’s are primarily handled through hedge funds and smaller investors, he adds value to his clients by helping them to navigate through the process. 

From initial portfolio acquisition analysis, to occupant outreach, to rehab ROI analysis and then on to marketing and closing, Erik leverages nearly three decades of selling REO to return the most amount of money in the shortest period of time.He is a member of NRBA, REOMAC, and REO Network among others.  He is the NRBA Master Broker for Southern California.  He co-chairs the legislative & Advocacy committee for REOMAC (Now renamed to NADP)  He’s certified on Pyramid, Equator, Res.net, Aspen, AMN, and many others.

Erik is also an active participant in his local Rotary club. He has two daughters and enjoys skiing, surfing and yes, still loves fixing up houses.